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Integrative Health Coaching Full Package 6 months ( set phone to desktop)

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There's no one specific diet to loose weight nor to heal, since our bodies composition is in constant change together with the mental and emotional state.

Healing is an art that takes time and consistency. 

With this package we will meet every two weeks to reevaluate your previous goals and your progress to establish new ones. (Goals are design according to clients need).

In each meeting I will give 1-3 health recommendations focusing on your specific need implementing primary foods and secondary foods to facilitate your focus on your process.

--Primary foods are the things that feeds us beyond the food; relationship, career, spirituality, jobs, physical activities.

--Secondary food is what we eat, when our primary food is in balance what we eat becomes secondary and more conscious. 

I will give health information pamphlets from other leading health professionals.

I will give food shopping recommendations. 

I will assist on choosing the best herbs, organic or natural product for each individual healing. 

I will assist with guided meditation, breathing techniques for relaxation to aleviate daily stress and more benefits.
(if the client want it) 

 I will give recommendations of food menu and recipe, in between visits you may contact me via email.

I will assist anyone who may be ready to make changes to integrate body, mind and soul may it be an adult, teenager or child.

I may not be able to assist one who may be critically ill unless advised by a Doctor

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