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Dianne Troncoso is a former graduate, who graduated at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

After doing her own research and working hard at healing herself, she decided to further her knowledge by attending school.

She desires to help others heal from emotional and physical illnesses and was determined to earn her certificate in health coaching through IIN.

Dianne is highly motivated to help her clientele and help others achieve what she was able to.

Dianne truly believes that we as human beings connect not just with one another, but the whole Universe. With this, we must be careful, not what we do to one another, but what we put out as a whole. This goes for mother nature, our families, even passerby's on the street.

We are all one, and by keeping our mind and body healthy, we are able to all live in peace with one another.

Every day of our lives, we find difficulties that keep us taken back and untracked from our goals.

We each have our daily struggles, but how these trials and tribulations begin to affect our lives, especially health, are what can deter our mental state.

As a single mother of four, I tried so hard to take control of all aspects of my life, but only began to lose control.

With very little support, I began feeling distressed. My mental state began to reflect onto my physical state, resulting in unhealthy eating habits.

It wasn't until I had a rapid health decline, resulting in my cancer diagnosis, that I began to reflect on my life choices and decide to make a change.

As I finished cancer treatment, all that was left was an empty shell of the person I once was, I had no hopes of a full recovery, and neither did my doctors.

I had a damaged vagus nerve (Gastroparesis), which affected my stomach muscles and delayed stomach emptying.

I was malnourished and frustrated that there was no way to manage my life. I was shocked at the future that was laid in front of me and was determined to find a greater path to healing myself.

I began long nights of research, trying to learn about natural healing foods, herbs and spices.

I stumble upon micronutrients and whole food dense diets, learning proper ways to heal my body naturally with specific diets for certain bodies.

Throughout my research, I came across an advertisement for IIN and decided that it would be a great opportunity for me to further my healing process and continue educating myself, so that I may then educate and help others.

From my studies and deciding to make a change within myself, I gain the knowledge and confident I so desperately craved.

I was able to self-heal and center myself through meditation and whole foods, giving me a sense of connection to the Universe and finding self-realization.

I learned that we were intertwine with everything around us on the planet and cosmos around us. I was able to find true understanding and my purpose as to why I am here on Earth, which is to truly help people.

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